The success of my services depends on a strong network of partners and a reliable team, which mean a lot to me.

With their special knowledge and skills, my network partners support me by delivering timely, high-quality expertise, which I would not be able to provide single-handedly.

I can rely on my partners for brainstorming sessions and creative input and when special challenges such as large-scale projects or photography and film, web and graphic design are involved.

  • Photographer Christoph Breneis

    Studio, product and event photography, Photos KORN PR
  • dobu Web GmbH, Dominik Burgstaller

    Planning, design, development and support of web applications, development of the KORN PR media and journalist database
  • DominoDesign IT Solutions, Richard Platzer

    Web Design, Online Marketing, Social Media, CRM Website KORN PR
  • ENITED Business Events

    Corporate Event Partner
  • Gretz Communications AG, Bern

    Partner agency in Switzerland, PR agency for tourism and lifestyle
  • ImPressRoom – Agentur für Kommunikation

    Barbara Taxacher and Kerstin Scheiblehner. Project cooperation Kulturmanagement-Lehrgang of the IKM since 2009, Diversity Day of the European Fundamental Rights Agency, Erfolgsurlaube
  • Ursula Inéz Krebs

    Communication psychologist, creative trainer, writing coach, Text und Wort
  • MARCOMNET, München

    Partner agency in Germany, Agency for marketing, PR, Events
  • MOKS

    Digital Communication & Social Media